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In 1999, Glass Egg was founded as the first outsourcing 3D-graphics company in Vietnam. Now, Glass Egg has become top 3 players in global area. The leaders of Glass Egg launched Like.vn in 2011, a game publishing and internet development company that publishes popular titles in Vietnam, including Crystal Saga and DBO. After a year of development, the Like.vn team launched www.oakclub.com, a Vietnam-developed dating website with international quality standards in terms of functions, safety, and privacy.
Online dating has become an important tool for matchmaking all across the world. In America, for example, 35% of married couple and 45% of dating couples met on dating websites. Vietnam will be no exception.
OakClub is a Facebook dating apps. You can sign up by just one click to connect your Facebook account to OakClub platform. OakClub leverages your Facebook connections and adds more features to help you find and make friends with people easier. It analyses a mountain of data according to shared interest, common backgrounds, and mutual friends. Then it displays people suggestions in a convenient way. Four features further distinguish OakClub:
  • A Secret “Like” Function: When you click to like another person, the other person won’t find out until he or she likes you back. So there is no risk of getting awkward rejections by someone you fancy
  • Meeting like in real life: OakClub prioritize friends of friends and shows who you both know in common. This makes it easier to build trust. The Facebook data, which OakClub uses, is much richer and more authentic to match people than the self-written profiles or silly quizzes that other dating sites use
  • Prioritizing safety and privacy: Fake or suspicious accounts get deleted immediately. Every member gets reviewed and approved regularly. OakClub takes your privacy seriously and never post on your Facebook wall and will never share your information with third-parties
  • Communication is free and open: Unlike other dating sites, OakClub doesn’t charge users to sign-up and communicate with each other. It’s easier to get to know one another when you can communicate without restrictions. Its mission is to produce fantastic first dates. Besides suggesting the right matches, free communication is an essential part of this